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Cup Pig / Batching Pig

Cup Pig / Batching Pig

Batching Pig Batch

  • Batching /Cup pigs are called also called as unidirectional pig which is generally made with 2 & 4 cups attached to the steel mandrel, mainly used to separate dissimilar fluid such as gasoline, Heating oil, etc.
  • These pigs are used for gauging the dimensions of the pipeline before product is launched in the pipeline.
  • It serves the purpose of light cleaning, line filling, Dewatering, Batch separation, etc.
  • For short distance batching, dewatering applications rubber cups of neoprene /nitrile rubber is used.
  • We offer Batch/Cup pigs for Sizes from 3” to 72” of different pipe schedule.

Cup Pigs Batch Brush

  • Cup pigs with brush is used for cleaning pipelines in Mining & construction industries.
  • These pigs are used to clean pipelines with heavier surface contamination. They have a very tight Sealing capacity than normal pigs.
  • The brushes used are either metal or nylon as the duty demands.

Cup Pigs Gauge Pigs

  • The purpose of these pigs is to check the pipelines inner surface for any damage ( Dent or Bend).
  • It also ensures whether full geometrical survey is necessary – a sort of GO or NO GO gauge.

Cup Magnetic Pigs

  • A magnetic pig usually forms part of cleaning sequence. This is to remove ferrous debris which would otherwise contaminate the oil or gas that flows.


  • The cleaning Pig acts as SCRAPPER & it is why it is also called as SCRAPPER PIGS, scraps thoroughly throughout its in journey inside the Pipeline removing mill scales, debris, rusts, small stones, welding electrodes,etc.from the pipeline
  • Scrapper cup promotes longer cup life, while the pressure of the product keeps the cutting edge against the pipe wall to provide an optimum seal.
  • We offer scrapper pig for Sizes from 3” to 50” of different pipe schedule.

Batching Dual Module Pig

Batching Dual Module Pig